City Groups : Missional Communities

City Groups are what's known as a "missional community" (MC). These are made up of a dozen people or so, in geographic proximity who, together, are shaped by the gospel, who together, listen, celebrate, bless, eat and recreate. 

This fall we will launch new MC's and you can participate.  


City Groups are "missional community". What is a "missional Community (MC)”? It's in this type of setting where lives and communities can be transformed by the gospel. It’s a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples. A couple leaders plus handful of other people who live near each other. Together you...

  1. Identify "your people": For example, the people of Wyoming Park, musicians, sports parents/kids/coaches, etc.
  2. As disciples, you REORIENT your lives around "your people", you gather together, eat, learn, pray and...
  3. Love each other as a family as you serve "your people"


While it is these things in part, it isn't SOLELY these things...

  • MC doesn’t solely exist FOR the church, but FOR their city/neighborhood/people
  • It isn’t solely a social affinity group (let’s go play golf!)
  • It’s not solely a bible study
  • It’s not solely social activism or your community garden
  • It’s not solely that monthly service project
  • It's not really for people who drive in from a distance
  • It’s not solely a support group
  • It’s not solely a weekly event (our place dinner, go to a movie, kids game, etc)

We're going to begin to be equipped to move into this new chapter through coaching from SOMA Communities. What does this type of lifestyle look like? Click here.

Interested in hosting a group? Curious about checking out a group? Contact Pastor Chris: and he'll hook you up.